Monday, March 19, 2007

-about me-

(photo courtesy of Sara Weir)

       To start off, I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 12 years. We have three beautiful children, Gabe, Piper and Cole. They keep my life exciting and my toes dancing. Throughout our marriage, we have lived in many different places, including Utah, an island in the Caribbean, the east coast and now Southern Texas! My growth as a photographer has been an exciting ride so far, through all of the different cultures and people we have come to love! I am always up for a new adventure and can't wait to see what life has for me next!

      I have always had a love for art and feel that it should enlightened us, in one way or another, about the beauty that is within & surrounding us each and everyday. As a photographer, I strive to capture that and bring an artistic beauty through my images for other people to enjoy.

I am currently working in the Southern Texas area, but 
love to travel to new places (travel fees may apply). Please feel free to contact me at to schedule your shoot!


Bree said...

CASE!! This is Brianna Bigler Hafen... I was just poking around facebook and found your photography stuff. I had no idea you were doing this. It's amazing. you are so very talented!

We're in TX now, but if we ever move back, I'm scheduling a family session!! :)